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Tips for Scholarship Essay Questions




Essay Questions

Important things to know when answering essay questions:

 1. Take the questions seriously and give it the thought that it deserves. Many of the questions are meant to be thought provoking and give a chance to stand out. 

 2. Your answers show the scholarship committee a view of your character, another reason to take the questions seriously. It is alright to provide a little humor and flourish if it is relevant and stays appropriate. First impressions do matter!  This is your chance to show who you are as a person and where you want to go in life. 

3. Present yourself as who you are. The scholarship committee should choose you not an imaginary version of yourself. Make sure the essay accurately reflects who you are as a person. Have a friend, teacher who knows you, or a parent read your essay to make sure the essay reflects who you are as a person. Many of the scholarships will have award ceremonies where the committee would have an opportunity to meet you. 

 4. Set your hook! Creativity is encouraged. Scholarship committees spend hours reading these essays. Think about your friends' stories, which ones do you remember? Humorous and smooth flowing stories are easily remembered. However, there is a fine line because it is a serious essay. Yes, include an attention getter to bring the reader in so that it is enjoyable. Please bare in mind it is better to have a serious to the point essay than an attention getter that crosses the line. 

Remember: They are giving away thousands of dollars to these writers. They do not take it lightly and appreciate the writers doing the same.