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Free Scholarship Search Engines

A scholarship search engine is a great tool that can help you look for scholarships in one place. It can save you a great amount of time. You spend around 30 minutes creating a profile including information like race, major, colleges, financial need, GPA, etc.  The search engine takes all this information and searches for scholarships that match your profile. All that is left for you to do is apply.  


1. Some scholarship search engines ask you to pay. There are several free search engines out there.

2. You always want to make sure you actually meet the requirements of a scholarship. Even though the search engine states that you meet a requirement for a scholarship, it might not always be the case.


You say you are a high school senior but it does not specifically ask you what high school. Every high school senior in washboard will be told they qualify for the Lindbergh High School scholarship. However, the scholarship is only for seniors who are attending and graduate from Lindbergh High School.

Review on Best Scholarship Search Engines

How Scholarship Search Engines Work

Free Scholarship Search Engines:

College Bound Scholarship (Links to an external site.)
College Peas Scholarships (Links to an external site.)
College Week Live (Links to an external site.)-Virtual College Chat Opportunities. Scholarships available!
CollegeXpress (Links to an external site.)-Site with college information and scholarships
Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (Links to an external site.)- Quick, online, multiple choice quizzes. Takes what you know and connects you with scholarships
Fast Web (Links to an external site.)- Connects you with scholarships that apply to you and your talents/skills
Find the Right Scholarship (Links to an external site.)- A scholarship site that matches you with the scholarships that are right for you
Good Call (Links to an external site.)- Connecting students to scholarships Independent Colleges of Washington Scholarships (Links to an external site.)- If you are planning to attend any of the independent colleges in WA, this is a site you should look at for scholarships
National Co-op Scholarship Program (Links to an external site.)
Project Opportunity (Links to an external site.)
Scholarship Junkies (Links to an external site.)- Great website for all your scholarship needs...check it out!
Scholarships.Com (Links to an external site.)- Great site with lots of information about scholarships, the financial aid process and colleges
The (Links to an external site.)- Connecting Washington students with Washington scholarship providers