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Advanced Placement

Graham-Kapowsin High School offers a wide range of Advanced Placement courses where students have the option to earn college credit.  These courses provide students an exciting academic challenge in addition to possible savings on college tuition costs.  They are rigorous and require a high degree of dedication from students, including the commitment to spend an average of three to ten hours per week in study outside of the classroom.  AP courses on a student’s transcript are evaluated by universities as highly significant.  They indicate the student has been willing to take high-level, challenging courses and is capable of functioning successfully with college level materials and expectations.  AP teachers go through specific educational training to enhance the program.

Students earn regular high school credit upon successful completion of the course and then have the opportunity to earn college credit through examinations each May.  The examinations are administered through Graham-Kapowsin High School and are developed nationally by the Educational Testing Service.  AP examinations are graded on a scale of 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum).  University credit is generally granted for test scores of 3 and above.  A score of 2 can be indicative of future college success.  For more information on the AP program CLICK HERE.

If a student enrolls in an AP course, they will be required to take the AP examination. All testing fees are covered by the Bethel School District.   Students who enroll in year-long AP courses are expected to remain in those courses for the entire year.  Students who do not show up for the AP exam will be charged a $40 unused test fee.  


AP Classes offered at GKHS:

    • AP Art (Teacher Approval)
    • AP English Literature (12th Grade English)
    • AP English Language (11th Grade English)
    • AP Psychology (All grade levels)
    • AP Government (12th Grade Civics/Economics)
    • AP US History (11th Grade History)
    • AP World History (10th Grade History)
    • AP AB Calculus (Successful completion of Pre-Calc with a "C" or better)
    • AP Statistics (Successful completion of Adv Algebra with a "C" or better)
    • AP Computer Science Principles (All grade levels) 
    • AP Physics 1: Algebra Based ("C" or better in mathematics through Adv Algbera and recommendation of previous science teacher)
    • AP Chemistry (Chemistry with “ C” or better or teacher permission)
    • AP Biology (Biology with "C" or better or teacher permission

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Can I drop an AP class?

  • No.  The only exception would be approval from administration after completion of the AP Drop Policy Form

2.  Do I have to take the AP exam in May?

  • Yes.  It is required that ALL students take the test.  

3.  What if I don't show up for the test?

  • You will be charged a $40 unused test fee.

4.  How much does the AP test cost?

  • All Tests are free!

5.  Where are the tests given?

  • Tests are given at either GKHS or a community location.  Each student receives a detailed sheet in mid April with the exact location of the tests. 

If you have further questions, please contact your student's counselor, AP teacher, or the AP Coordinator (Brad Hostak)